Why Hendricks

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Nurturing Excellence, Inspiring Success

Hendricks is a community-focused school dedicated to holistic student development. With an emphasis on social-emotional learning, we cultivate a secure, supportive, and engaging learning environment for every student. 

As a learning community, we value student engagement, parent involvement, and community partnerships, fostering a dynamic and comprehensive educational experience that prepares students for success as responsible global citizens.

Inclusive, Supportive & Fun

We prioritize creating an inclusive, fun, and supportive learning environment where every student feels valued and respected, ensuring the overall development of our students.

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Small Classroom Sizes & SEL

Small classroom sizes provide an ideal setting for fostering social-emotional learning (SEL). Our teachers create meaningful connections and address individual student needs.

Music & Art

Thanks to our community partners, Intonations and Lollapalooza, music classes enrich our regular school day, while an art studio enhances creative classroom activities.

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Academic Commitment

From language arts to math and science, our teachers use innovative methods to engage students, promote critical thinking, and stimulate creative curiosity.

STEM in Pre-K & Beyond

Our Pre-K program provides unique STEM and music education opportunities, along with an introductory soccer program. Expanding STEM to the entire school is our future goal.

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Technology & Makerspace

Our commitment to 21st-century learning includes 1-to-1 technology, a state-of-the-art makerspace, and a computer lab to support STEM Activities like robotics and hydroponics.


Enrichment Activities

Before & After School + Saturdays!

We offer an array of clubs, and sports, before and after school programs, plus Saturdays, that cater to a wide range of interests. These activities provide opportunities for academic and personal growth as well as build leadership and teamwork skills. School clubs and activities include; chess, fitness, anime, art, photography, and tech.

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Before School

Fun and Fitness: Yoga Stretching & Sports

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After School

Student Clubs and sports for Boys & Girls

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Academics, Nutrition & Wellness, and Sports

Physical Fitness,
Healthy Lifestyle

Regular physical education and nutrition classes as well as sports activities are crucial for our students' overall well-being. We offer boys & girls sports; basketball, soccer, softball, track, and Special Olympics.

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& Special Events

We celebrate student achievement with an incentives program and organize special events like a school carnival and field trips to Brookfield Zoo, and the Museum of Science and Industry.

Discover the Hendricks Difference

Discover the Hendricks difference! Immerse your child in a fun, nurturing environment that values community, growth, and holistic education. Click below to learn more about our mission, vision, and team.

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